Patient Participation Group (PPG)

Please note that due to the rapidly changing situation with coronavirus and how we manage it, Imeary Street Surgery Patient Group meetings are cancelled until further notice.


Imeary Street Patient Participation Group is looking for more members.  If you are interested in joining the group please contact Suzanne at the surgery on 0191 4563824 or via email to We meet once a quarter, usually early evening (6-7pm) and occasionally on an afternoon when the practice is closed for training.  We have regular interesting speakers including the GPs, the Clinical Commissioning Group, the Local Authority and a whole range of local service providers, keeping patients updated on the wide range of services available.



The group has not been set up to deal with patients complaints. Any complaints against the practice must be submitted via our Complaints Procedure

If a member of the PPG cannot attend the next scheduled meeting, please inform Suzanne

 If a member of the PPG does not attend for 3 consecutive meetings they will be asked to resign (unless extenuating circumstances)

 Patients will be referred to by their initials only in written documents, such as Minutes of Meetings, for confidentiality purposes

 The practice asks that members of the group show each other respect and courtesy




  1. The PPG will work with the practice to improve services and the practice will be responsive to the Group’s concerns and recommendations.


  1. The PPG and practice will adhere to the ‘Ground Rules’.


  1. The PPG will endeavour to be representative demographically and geographically of the practice population.


  1. The PPG and practice can communicate via email, letter, telephone or within a Group meeting. PPG contact is Suzanne Roberts.


  1. The PPG will meet every 3 months here in the practice.


  1. PPG members can resign at any time by informing Suzanne Roberts.


  1. Administrative support to the PPG will be provided by the practice. Members of the PPG are welcome to volunteer to undertake some duties.


  1. The practice may occasionally ask for support and input from the PPG.


  1. The PPG and practice will endeavour to ‘run on time’ during meetings


            10. The PPG will provide a patient representative to the Patient Reference Group.

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