Charity Work

Any planned practice events in 2020 will be stood down due to the rapidly changing situation with coronavirus. Instead, we have donated money, food and toiletries to Hebburn Helps to help our local families in South Tyneside over winter.

Events 2017

This years Macmillan Cake Sale was on Friday 22nd September from 10.00am-1.00pm here at the practice, as usual, alongside our Open Access Flu Clinic.  We’ve done better than in previous years and managed to raise a MASSIVE £879.47, which bettered last year’s total of £722.81.  Again, we couldn’t have done this without the fantastic organisational skills of Brenda and Lisa who were helped this year by Joan nor without the support from our staff and patients who bake and buy goodies and donate……THANKS AGAIN for making this years sale a HUGE success!!

Events 2016

We held our annual Macmillan Cake Sale on Friday 23rd September 2016 from 10.00am-1.00pm here at the practice.  This ran alongside one of our Open Access Flu Clinics, enabling patients to pop in for their flu vaccine and  buy some of the tasty treats on sale which always include delicious cakes, savouries, home made jams & preserves, home made bread and home made sweets.

We started doing this event in 2013 and had so far raised over £1470.14!  Last years target to beat was £602.14…………

We’re extremely proud to announce that this years sale raised a whopping total of £722.81 bringing our total monies raised since 2013 to a massive £2,192.95!

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who bought and made cakes, helped out on the day and made donations (huge thanks go to Farnham Medical Centre who had their own fundraiser and donated their monies to ours) to this worthwhile cause, especially Brenda and Lisa who, as usual, made it a successful & fun day.  Thanks again.


Events 2015

We are held our annual Macmillan Cake Sale again this year on Friday 25th September from 10.00am-1.00pm (along side our Open Access Flu Clinic) and it was even more successful than 2013 and 2014! We raised a grand total of £602.14, bringing our total monies raised for Macmillan so far to £1470.14.

Huge thanks to all of our patients, staff & their families who supported the event by baking goods for us to sell, by buying the delicious goods and by donating money.

The Partners and staff would like to say a special thank you to Brenda and Lisa, who, as usual, helped make the event so successful and run so smoothly.

We took a few pictures again this year……




This was the second table-load of goodies for sale.......

This was the second table-load of goodies for sale…….



Events 2014

 We held a Macmillan Cake Sale, Friday 26th September 10am-1.00pm here at the practice, along side our Open Access Flu Clinic and raised £468.  This exceeded the £400 raised last year!  The partners and staff would like to say a HUGE thank you to everybody who baked, donated and helped out.  Very special thanks go to Brenda and Lisa who gave up their time again to ensure the event was a success.

As the event was so successful, we have arranged to do it all over again in 2015! We hope to exceed the £468 we made this year. We look forward to seeing you!

We took a few snaps this year………

Lisa, Dr Curry and Brenda

The first batch of cakes for sale……they didn’t last long!




Events 2013

Cake Sale in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

The practice held a Cake Sale on Friday 27th September 2013 with ALL proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support.

We have some wonderful cooks here at the practice, staff and patients, who made some delicious cakes and savouries for sale on the day.

We raised £400 at the event, so we would like to say a huge thank you to all of those who made and bought cakes, those of you who made donations and those of you who gave up your time to support your local Macmillan team.

Special thank you’s to Brenda and Lisa for all of your hard work on the day, it was much appreciated and thanks to you both, the event ran smoothly.

We look forward to seeing you all at next years event!


Thanks again to all involved.


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